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 Head unit compatability

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Name : Jel
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PostSubject: Re: Head unit compatability   Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:43 am

joshuadalegrimes wrote:
got a 97
Do you, or anyone else for that matter, know if the head unit is the same as a 98?
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Name : josh
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PostSubject: Re: Head unit compatability   Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:37 pm

as far as i know they are. it was 96 i beleive when they switched to the dd from the din and a half models and the aftermarket wiring harnesses are the same up into the 2000's. mines cd with cassette
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Name : Matt
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PostSubject: Head unit compatability   Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:24 pm

It was 96 that they changed. I have the list of radios that work in the 96-99's

CENTURY 97 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player
CENTURY 98-03 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player "UP0"
LESABRE 96-97 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player
LESABRE 98-99 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player "UP0"
PARK AVENUE 96-97 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player
PARK AVENUE 98-05 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player "UP0"
REGAL 01-03 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player (opt UP0), enhanced spkrs (opt UQ3)
REGAL 96-97 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player
REGAL 98 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player (opt UP0)
REGAL 99-00 AM-FM-stereo-cass-CD player (opt UP0), enhanced spkrs (opt UQ3)
RIVIERA 96-97 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player
RIVIERA 98-99 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player "UP0"
ROADMASTER 96 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player
SKYLARK 96-97 AM-mono-FM-stereo-cass-CD player
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Name : Al Roethlisberger
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PostSubject: Re: Head unit compatability   Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:56 pm

95 Roadmaster has the double DIN unit too, although I can't confirm it supports the steering wheel controls.

These series are common as dirt though.  If you go to any pick/pull yard, you can just walk the GM Buick rows and find a handful in minutes.  Most yards sell them for $20-30, and are usually guaranteed for 30 days.  And they are all over eBay.

The 1.5 DIN units from previous years are getting a little harder to find, but still around, although the 1995 Riviera 1.5 DIN AM/FM/Cass & AM/FM/CD (yes they made one) are specific models not shared with any other car.... of course rolleyes  (Curse of the 1995s  *laugh* )

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Head unit compatability
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