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 HELLo to my fellow rivi drivers

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HELLo to my fellow rivi drivers Empty
PostSubject: HELLo to my fellow rivi drivers   HELLo to my fellow rivi drivers EmptySat Sep 14, 2013 3:23 pm

HELLo to my fellow rivi drivers I come in peace hopefully to gains ones knowledge and concepts on making these luxurious daily driver cars keep up with the high demands in technologies... first things first im Johnny5 and I drive a 96 RIV stock with issues... So let me start off by saying is help.... I go to mineke today and they said I have a list of pre existing problems with fuel issues Egr code P0441 timinig is off -22...long-term fuel trim is insanely high and obd reads California's pcm and its a Texas car from day one I have about 105k on it
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HELLo to my fellow rivi drivers
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