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 MAF Allowed Delta Airflow

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Name : Charlie
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MAF Allowed Delta Airflow Empty
PostSubject: MAF Allowed Delta Airflow   MAF Allowed Delta Airflow EmptyFri Aug 22, 2014 6:51 pm

Has anyone changed this table in their tune?
Is this a way to tighten up fuel trims?

Here's what I show for stock values. Should these be tweaked or left stock?
MAF Allowed Delta Airflow Captur21
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Name : Codith
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MAF Allowed Delta Airflow Empty
PostSubject: Re: MAF Allowed Delta Airflow   MAF Allowed Delta Airflow EmptySat Aug 23, 2014 1:20 pm

I think those are just rationality tables for the maf. If the pcm sees real life maf numbers changing faster than the values in those tables it might do something - I don't really know if it's able to fail the maf sensor based off that. I've had 3 people that I consider tuning professionals do some tuning on my car since I've changed maf sensors and I don't think anyone changed it except TEP Dave raised the positive table numbers but I need to go back into my past tunes to confirm that.
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MAF Allowed Delta Airflow
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