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 C5 Corvette Brakes

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Name : Matt
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PostSubject: C5 Corvette Brakes   Tue Sep 16, 2014 1:43 pm

Everyone is familiar with ZZPs 13" brake kit, right?

I believe these to use C5 calipers/brackets with 13" rotors. The C5 uses 13" rotors but they are 5x120, so they may still fit. Theoretically it should be exactly the same as the F-body swap except with the C5 calipers and brackets. YOU WILL NEED 17" or larger rims to run these. Maybe someone who is good friends with the parts counter guy can test this out for us. I tried doing a quick search for some rotors that were 5x115 and 13" with no luck. My initial thought was to go to an 05 Mustang GT500 because that's what you use with the CTS-V brakes but it is a 14" rotor.

I found this out by browsing for an LS1 to first gen Camaro brake swap and found this thread.
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Name : Codith
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PostSubject: Re: C5 Corvette Brakes   Wed Sep 17, 2014 1:00 am

I checked it a long time ago when I worked at an auto parts store. The bigger corvette rotors don't fit on our stock hubs due to the different bolt circle. James, however, says that corvette rear wheel hubs will bolt up to the front of a riv and accept the axles and everything. I haven't confirmed this at all but if that's the case you could get a pair of vette hubs and fit those brake rotors but that means you need 5x120 wheels to go with it too which means zzp's 13" gxp setup comes out way cheaper. I think I asked because at one point I was interesting in fitting C5 vette wheels on my car.
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C5 Corvette Brakes
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