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 Rack and pinion replacement problem

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Name : Jack C. Cain
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PostSubject: Rack and pinion replacement problem   Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:26 pm

Good morning,

I have a 97 Riv with a reman rack and pinion that is leaking fluid at the place where the wires enter the unit. While it steers well, the leak limits how far you can go without refilling the fluid.

So I bought another reman rack and got ready to remove the old and install the new. Jacked up the car and put it on jackstands, removed wheels. I removed the pinch bolt and disconnected the steering wheel input; loosened the back cradle bolts, removing one from each side and put the jack under the back crosspiece, expecting to take out the bolts, lower the cradle and proceed with taking out the rack. But the back end does not want to drop! I pried downward on the cradle but something is still holding up the back, engine & trans.

I am mystified!! What am I overlooking? It is almost impossible to replace the rack unless it is lowered.

Thanks for your suggestions,

Jack C.
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PostSubject: Re: Rack and pinion replacement problem   Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:32 pm

You may have to also support the front part of the subframe and loosen the front two bolts to get the back to drop down far enough. You'll also need to have all four rear bolts removed. Be careful and make sure you have the front and back supported.

Which manufacturer did you go with for the rack?

1998 Supercharged Riviera - Custom CAI, Alpine spx-13ref, Infinity 6x9's, Alpine 4 Channel Amp, Kicker KX3, Silverstars, STB, Hawk Brake Pads, Monroe Air Shocks, KYB GR2
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Rack and pinion replacement problem
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