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 GM Protection Plan (GMPP) Story

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PostSubject: GM Protection Plan (GMPP) Story   Fri Feb 09, 2007 12:50 pm

The GM Protection Plan (GMPP) offers several levels of vehicle service and maintenance contracts. When I purchased my Riv new in 1994, I purchased the GMPP Major Guard option with a $50 deductible for six years and 100,000 miles. Major Guard is the premium, comprehensive vehicle service contract and covered virtually every component of my vehicle, as well as alternate transportation and roadside assistance, including towing for covered repairs.

At that time, the manufacturer's warranty was 36 months or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first). My commute in the 90s took me over the 36,000 mile mark in less than three years. The dealer which had an excellent service department did all of my GMPP repairs over the years.

When I purchased the Riv and my GMPP plan, I never thought that I would still enjoy driving it over a decade later. After twelve years, I am now aware of a side benefit of my GMPP investment. The GM Goodwrench Limited Lifetime Warranty covered some of the repaired components.

Recently my A/C compressor went bad. I took it back to the dealer with my original repair order from 1999 and it was replaced with a new compressor at no cost. I checked part number on the work order on and was surprised at the high cost of a new compressor.

After all these years of taking good care of my Riv, my Riv is now taking good care of me.

Link to GM Goodwrench Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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Location : Suncoast
Joined : 2007-01-27
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PostSubject: GMPP Repair History first 100,000 miles   Sun Mar 11, 2007 8:41 pm

I have started to compile a list of repairs for my 95 Riv. Below you will find the repair history for the first 100,000 miles that were covered by 3/36 or the GMPP 72/100 policy. Parts covered by the GM Goodwrench Limited Lifetime Warranty are listed with (LW) after the repair.

1995 Buick Riviera L36 Repair History
(LW) = GM Goodwrench Limited Lifetime Warranty
Purchased 12/8/1994
First 100,000 Miles

Mileage 9/7/95 12,211
1995 3/36 Warranty Repairs
Code P0134 - Oxygen Sensor 25133504 - 2/95
Passenger Door Lock Inoperable Door Lock Assembly 16629120 - 9/95

1996 3/36 Warranty Repairs
Right rear seat belt does not retract - Retractor 12530955 3/96
Driver power window INOP Window Motor 22154977 6/96
Left rear seat belt does not retract - Retractor 12530955 11/96
Oil leak Oil Level Sensor 25609555 11/96

Mileage 12/10/96 37,860
1996 General Motors Protection Plan (GMPP) 72/100 Repairs
ABS light stays Code ABS Mode Valve & Gasket 25653457/25641270 12/96

Mileage 8/26/97 49,768
1997 GMPP 72/100 Repairs
Oil leak lower intake manifold Gasket 24502397/25533198 2/97
Oil leak crankshaft rear main Gasket 12537197 2/97
Leak from A/C Compressor Compressor 1136513 -2/97(LW)
Master cylinder leak Master Cylinder 25642820 2/97

Mileage 7/30/98 65,237

Mileage 12/4/99 90,608
1999 GMPP 72/100 Repairs
Oil leak upper/lower intake Gasket 17113137/12537197 Belt 10219783 7/99
Oil leak valve cover gaskets (2) Gasket 25532619 7/99
Oil leak pan gasket Oil Pan Gasket 24502397 7/99
A/C Compressor clutch shaft broken Compressor 1136513 - 8/99(LW)
Coolant leak Water Pump kit 12537417 - 8/99(LW)
Trans Slipping 24204814 Trans Kit, 24202614 Valve Asm, 24202422 Drum, 24212580 Valve, 8690936 T/CNV 12/99
Engine light EGR Valve 17113643 12/99(LW)
Oil leak Crankshaft rear main seal 25534760 12/99
Plug Wire 12192052 12/99(LW)

Mileage 11/3/2000 107,438
2000 GMPP 72/100 Repairs
Cruise Control INOP Servo Assembly 25074625 - 4/2000
Driver Window INOP Window Motor 22154977 - 4/2000
Oil leak Oil Pan Gasket 24502397 4/2000
Gear assembly/Power steering Steering gear 26044840 4/2000
Cruise Control INOP Switch Assembly 10170430 5/2000
Oil leak Oil Pan Gasket 24502397/Pan 12563240 6/2000
Oil leak Rear main bearing seal cap side 25534760 6/2000
End of GMPP 72/100 Repairs
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GM Protection Plan (GMPP) Story
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