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 Which is brighter the 168 or 194?

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Name : Paul
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PostSubject: Which is brighter the 168 or 194?   Wed Dec 26, 2007 6:30 pm

I am wondering which one of these two wedge base bulbs is brighter?
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Name : Randall
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PostSubject: Re: Which is brighter the 168 or 194?   Wed Dec 26, 2007 7:08 pm

If I read it right a 168 draws 0.35 amps and has 3 candle power, and a 194 draws 0.27 amps and has 2 candle power. I think some of the packages list the candle power of the bulb on them? I always thought a 194 was the brighter of the two but looking into it I found that to be incorrect?
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Name :
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PostSubject: Re: Which is brighter the 168 or 194?   Wed Dec 26, 2007 7:59 pm

The 168 is brighter, a little. used sometimes as side marker as well as interior illumination lights such as in our cars, the lights for the driver and passenger footwells. 194 is not so bright, used in many cars as instrument and indicator light in cases where the 161 is not used. (...keep reading!) neutral

If I remember right they interchange with the W5W (euro spec five watt = 168 4.9 watt or so) and the W3W (euro spec 3 watt = 194 3.78 watt or so). The 161, by the way, is only 2.66 watt. idea

Thing to watch for is the brighter bulbs throw out more *heat* and so might not be good for some application substitutions. Subbing a brighter bulb probably would not hurt those footwell lights, as long as they are not running for long time. But could be a problem in instrument cluster, where a brighter bulb might increase eyestrain (brighter than neighbor bulbs) or melt the plastics. nono

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Which is brighter the 168 or 194?
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