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 Exhaust removal from SC 3.8 II?

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Name : Walt
Location : Pinehurst, NC
Joined : 2008-03-24
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PostSubject: Exhaust removal from SC 3.8 II?   Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:03 pm

Does anyone out there think that cutting off the exhaust on the backside of the converter and removing everything after, then installing 2.5 in. exhaust pipe to just behind the rear wheels will help or hinder performance!

Thanks for the help!
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Name : Eric
Location : Indianapolis, IN
Joined : 2007-07-31
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PostSubject: Re: Exhaust removal from SC 3.8 II?   Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:15 pm

The Riv's exhaust is fairly open in stock form. I think the bottleneck is in the manifolds, downpipe, and cat. I believe the stock exhaust diameter is 2.5 until the split.
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Name : Codith
Age : 30
Location : Villa Park, IL
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PostSubject: Re: Exhaust removal from SC 3.8 II?   Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:22 pm

As Eric said, that is definitely not the restrictive part of our exhaust by any means and thus will not benefit from being opened up. If your interests are in sound and looks, however, that's a good place to go if you don't plan on doing any other exhaust or big engine mods. It won't hurt performance.

I had simply replaced my mufflers with glasspacks and it actually sounded pretty good and looked delightfully tacky and badass but don't do glasspacks if you plan on doing more potent exhaust mods in the future. They get loud fast when you open up the rest of the system.
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Exhaust removal from SC 3.8 II?
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