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 stocking up on parts

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Name : Reese
Age : 35
Location : StL
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PostSubject: stocking up on parts   Sun May 11, 2008 1:43 am

thus far i have both rear air shocks, both front monroe struts, and both inner and outer tie rods. next on the list will be both front hubs, both front lower control arms, power steering lines, rack and pinion lines (don't know if they are the same), both bearing plates and springs(looking for bigger springs so i can ride on 20s or 22s), and sub frame bushings. then i will have the front complete. hopefully i'll have the front done by the end of the summer and the rear by the end of the year.

then i'll move to the rear. more bushings, bigger springs, tie rods, and toe adjusters.

does anyone know where i can get bigger springs from to give me about a 2 inch lift?
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Name : Corey
Age : 28
Location : Rome NY
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PostSubject: Re: stocking up on parts   Sun May 11, 2008 9:25 am

you honestly don't really need bigger springs. i have seen many people run,20s and 22s on stock set up with no problems, just maybe a little bit of rub. i have herd of people using little lifts, like a trucks leveling kit, small CNC machined pieces of metal for a small 1-2" lift. but i dont think you will need it

im not sure if this place has lifts for riviera's or not but check out
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stocking up on parts
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