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 Looking at a 95 Riv.

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Name : Lanny J. Conner
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Looking at a 95 Riv. Empty
PostSubject: Looking at a 95 Riv.   Looking at a 95 Riv. EmptySun Aug 30, 2009 9:43 pm

New to the forum and after reading a good bit before signing on, I must say I am impressed with the posts, the replies and the expertise level. I belong to the Cadillac owners group also. I have, or should say had (it's a little crumpled now because of some uninsured fool running a stop sign) 2k Seville. I learned so much there and see that the same will hold true here.

I have an opportunity to purchase a 95 supercharged Riviera with 77k on the odo. It has a sun roof, and although I don't know first hand all of the options that were available then, it seems like it has them all. pw, pdl, power seats, heated drivers seat, am-fm cass-CD, remote mirrors and more. It has the light almond interior and it is in great shape. There is one 3/4" mark on the drivers seat that is not split open, and the headliner has three small nicks in it. Nothing leaks and everything works as it should.

The exterior is rough. The upper surfaces are cracking and pealing. A couple of spots are down to the primer, and one small spot (half the size of a dime) has a little surface rust. The drivers mirror was knocked off and it creased the panel. There are two other small dents, The wheels are in great shape, all of the chrome is fine and nothing is missing. Two 90% tires and 2 40%.

The ABS light is on and not being familiar enough with the supercharging aspect of the engine, I have some reservations. It is quiet, but I'm not sure how well it is working.

The guy is asking $1600 for it, which seems like a pretty fair price. It starts up nice, runs well and the transmission shifts very smoothly. It probably hasn't had 5k miles in the last two years. Maybe some steady driving is what it needs. Wishful thinking.

You guys are the doctors, what is your diagnosis. Is a 95 worth it?

Thanks in advance of your input, and I hope at some time I can repay you with some info. Oh, by the way, the moniker comes from the 72 boat tail I drove for nearly 5 years in the late 70's/early 80's. I sold it. What a fool!!
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Name : Derek
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Looking at a 95 Riv. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Looking at a 95 Riv.   Looking at a 95 Riv. EmptySun Aug 30, 2009 10:28 pm

Welcome! It all depends what you want to do with it. If you are thinking about modding, I would look for something newer than a '95, the Series 1 has very few performance parts available. If the exterior is that rough, in all reality you can probably get it for $1000. ABS light on most likely means a wheel bearing is going out.

I still have my '73 LeSabre, although it hasn't been driveable for a few years I am hoping to change that soon.
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Looking at a 95 Riv.
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