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 windshield wiper blades

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PostSubject: Re: windshield wiper blades   windshield wiper blades - Page 2 EmptyTue Jun 21, 2016 3:14 pm

stydel311 wrote:

albertj wrote:

stydel311 wrote:
After reading this thread more carefully I am not sure if I am mistaken on what the design of the original blades is.  The Exact Fit blade is readily available in this newer style.  However the design I was imaging from the description up above was this older style.  Can anyone confirm which design the original blade really is?

The older style, Trico 22-4.

They are way cheaper on

ACDELCO 82224 [GM#89001017]


as the closeout Trico "Exact Fit" blades for $1.29 each, TRICO 224 [#600224].

Thanks. I did find them on RockAuto but by the time I pay for shipping it's only like $2 cheaper than in town.
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windshield wiper blades
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