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 brmcm15's 97' build

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Name : Brandon
Age : 28
Location : Macomb, Michigan
Joined : 2008-12-02
Post Count : 84
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brmcm15's 97' build Empty
PostSubject: brmcm15's 97' build   brmcm15's 97' build EmptyThu Dec 10, 2009 1:20 am

hi guys the names brandon and i am a proud owner of a 1997 black riviera.

i am also a proud member of and (look me up, same user name as on here)

Next summer i want to be a part of CACO Team (car audio classifieds SPL team) and maybe some other team to compete a little bit'

*things may change a little right now, im supposed to be getting a MTX RFL motor in the mail soon grimace

but heres what i have so far..............

Car: 1997 Buick Riviera
-originally paid $1200 for it....what a steal
-had to replace few old stuff cause it was sitting for like 4 yrs(bum didnt want to replace broken door :p)
-around 107k now
-about 4 or 5k on new engine
-16" Black rims frown (already on the car when i bought it)
-Mostly stock everything, but mods to engine coming in summertime
-145hp stock on 93 octane
-18mpg frown wish it was better than that..
-Leather interior
-SEEXY dashboard (eat it GP owners :p)

What have done so far to it:
-Custom Voltmeter (will fiberglass pillar in a later time)
-Paint some stuff
-Radio installed
-Door Panels (in process of being finished)
-tinted tailights and corner of headlights
-tinted windows (starting to fade frown)

brmcm15's 97' build 1204091051
brmcm15's 97' build 1204091054
brmcm15's 97' build 1204091051a
brmcm15's 97' build 1204091055
brmcm15's 97' build 1204091053
brmcm15's 97' build 1204091053a
brmcm15's 97' build 1204091052b
brmcm15's 97' build 1204091052
brmcm15's 97' build 1204091052a
After i get my sub completed and my sub amp the plan is to make like a big bracket or an amp rack and place it so it stands upright to put both of my amps on it but for now i just have a piece of wood with my 4 channel on it
brmcm15's 97' build 1204091054a
Door pods in progress:
(would say my perfromance so far has been a 5/10 lol)
brmcm15's 97' build 1111091153
on the roadrunner
brmcm15's 97' build 1111091154
brmcm15's 97' build 1111091209
brmcm15's 97' build 1111091215
brmcm15's 97' build 1111091216

Brmcm15's Custom Sub:
alright i got a 12 spoke basket and Mmats p3.0 motor from my man Usamspman(idk if hes on CACO but i kno hes on CA)
-When i got it from him the paint started to chip off and there was still glue and rubber all over it cool no biggie though...i gotta grinder smile

-so i grinded it down and evened some of the basket up(there was a weird metal blob on it) and peeled some of the paint off

still waiting to get a recone from PSI or Patrick Chandler at Robot Underground
brmcm15's 97' build 1202091213
brmcm15's 97' build 1202091214
brmcm15's 97' build 1202091214a
brmcm15's 97' build 1202091214b
decided to hit the basket with the flat black, a little brass i found smile and some clear coat..
brmcm15's 97' build 1202091624
brmcm15's 97' build 1202091624a
brmcm15's 97' build PICT0010
brmcm15's 97' build PICT0011
brmcm15's 97' build 1202091225
brmcm15's 97' build 1202091226
brmcm15's 97' build 1202091226b
brmcm15's 97' build PICT0012

more to come....

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brmcm15's 97' build
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