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 intermittent fuel pressure - very weird

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intermittent fuel pressure - very weird Empty
PostSubject: intermittent fuel pressure - very weird   intermittent fuel pressure - very weird EmptyMon May 10, 2010 12:04 pm

Hi Guys!

Dont know if you all remember me...I Drove my 95 from Pittsburgh,PA to Bend, Oregon.

Well the car made it... sort of... had a lot of different problems with it: fuel pump clogged, coils going bad, just stopped running in the middle of Wyoming for no reason (fuel pump wasnt running) but it started up 20 minutes later.

Anyway, Got in to start the car and cranked but no start. I checked around and there was no fuel pressure (pulled the fuel line off in front of the filter (which is new). I also verified the fuel pump was running by removing the relay and making sure the pump hum stopped.

I went out and bought another car (had to have a running car for my job) and I checked the riv a few days later and I'll be god dammed if it didn't start right up!!!!

Now the only thing Im thinking it could possibly be is the crinkle hose in the fuel pump assembly somehow got crimped shut... Any ideas. I need the car to be reliable and this kind of pyscho-crap is making me insane. the pump is a Bosch and has worked well since I bought the car 10 months ago with the exception that it clogged up when I left pittsburgh.
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intermittent fuel pressure - very weird
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