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 Injector Help!

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Name : Chris
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PostSubject: Re: Injector Help!   Injector Help! - Page 2 EmptyFri Sep 10, 2010 10:23 am

Whoa!!! Hey guys thanks for all the input, I'm going to try some of these things this weekend, and see what i come up with. Man what a site, i dunno what i would do without it. Thanks!
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Name : shawn
Location : michigan
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PostSubject: Re: Injector Help!   Injector Help! - Page 2 EmptySat Sep 11, 2010 12:04 pm

since I posted my thoughts on this subject, my car has been doing the exact same thing. Mash the trottle and all back to good. One thing to add for him to check that i noticed with mine is that when the car is hesatating and ready to just about die all the vaccuum goes away. I pull 17-22 inches of vaccuum at idle and when it acts up on my boost guage it goes all the way to1-3 inches.
Also if it was a vaccuum leak it would do it all the time and once i mash it to the floor its all back to normal like a new car
I know this aint the answer your looking for but hopefully this can add some more clues to what it might be. Im thinking of checking my boost bypass valve cause I think its trying to boost at idle which makes it fall on its face. Or my other option is to check the idle air control valve. I think its opening up all the way but no more fuel is being added making it run like ass for a minute. When it does these symptoms my A/F guage drops way into the lean.
Hope this helps
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Injector Help!
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