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 FAQ: Ported Blower vs. Gen V?

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Name : Codith
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PostSubject: Re: FAQ: Ported Blower vs. Gen V?   Tue May 14, 2013 11:28 am

Replacing rear needle bearing on the alternator - just a few tidbits to help but it's totally doable.

I got a replacement alternator from a junk yard to machine the rear case and use on my car and I figured the bearings are cheap, why chance it.

There is a very slight step there you can see so you want to press it out towards the inside of the case.

Pressing the new one in I used some anti-seize for good measure. Rest the case down on an even surface right on the back. The area of the case surrounding the bearing sticks out so that's all that need be supported.

not the best pic but this is demonstrating you can kinda look through the cavities of the empty alternator case sideways to make sure the bearing is lined up even so you don't start pressing it cocked.

almost there. At this point I used the old bearing as a spacer to press it the rest of the way because the larger piece of metal I was using ran out of clearance with the inside of the alternator case.

There we go.

Just going flush to the outside surface of the alternator case and you're done! Stupid easy.
Even though I used a press, this could certainly be done with a vice at home. With the press, I didn't even need to use a handle on the hydraulic pump so it doesn't require that much force.
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Name : Ruben
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PostSubject: Re: FAQ: Ported Blower vs. Gen V?   Tue Sep 01, 2015 3:28 pm

I ported the blower outlet to that triangle shape with a jigsaw and a dremel. Also a few different files helped to smooth down the surface. I had pictures on my old tablet but unfortunately were lost. Real noticeable up at about 60 when wot is hit.
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Name : Greg
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PostSubject: Re: FAQ: Ported Blower vs. Gen V?   Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:06 pm

The ported blower is a nice mod for a driver car that you just want a little more pep out of the gen v has a better casting look and goes better on a show car
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FAQ: Ported Blower vs. Gen V?
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