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 Gauge lights

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PostSubject: Re: Gauge lights   Gauge lights - Page 2 EmptyMon Mar 12, 2018 5:31 pm

Eldo wrote:
That's OK, it's not a big deal - and unfortunately, I've finally buttoned everything back up...
On the bright side, since I had the whole damned dash apart, I fixed my cassette player.  lol

It's not actually attached to that white plastic bracket that holds the lamp & body control modules, it's just hanging there - two individual 'regular-size' autofuse holders taped back to back with white paper tape that only has the amperage printed on it, with no indication what the hell they're for...

Next time you are in post a pic. I will dig into my dash in the next few weeks to fix lights in the HVAC control and replace the radio (hopefully I will get one soon). Getting those both done will chew up all day for me on a mild saturday.
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Gauge lights
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