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 Mustang Bullitt Rims on 97 Park Ave.

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Name : SweetNess
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PostSubject: Mustang Bullitt Rims on 97 Park Ave.   Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:30 am

Does anyone know if i can fit my buddys 17" Mustang Bullitt rims
on my 97 Park Avenue Ultra? They have 225/55/17 snow tires on them

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Name : Aaron
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PostSubject: Re: Mustang Bullitt Rims on 97 Park Ave.   Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:51 pm

Yes, they will fit, but they are not the exact size. You will need to find out if the wheels work with hub-centric (hub centering) rings. You also need to know the wheel bore size. Using hub-centric rings matches the Riv hubs to the Bullitt wheel center holes. These rings must be ordered custom to fit your specific hub and wheel. The Riv's hub size is 70.3 mm.

You also want to consider the offset/backspacing of the Bullitt wheels, and whether or not they will mount flush to the Riv's body. Being the Mustangs are RWD, they probably use a deeper offset, so the wheels might stick out on a FWD Riv. If possible, have your buddy let you bolt one on the front and see how they look (you can test them without using the hub center rings, just don't drive on them).

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Mustang Bullitt Rims on 97 Park Ave.
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