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 Need advice on cams and heads

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Name : Corey
Age : 27
Location : JMU virginia
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PostSubject: Need advice on cams and heads   Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:40 pm


okay so how much power can the stock heads support?


how much power would stage 1 give me out of the box on a L36 with 240 torque, 200 hp?

also, it says that with supporting induction and exhaust mods in place, you could run a 3.0 pulley on an L67. does that mean it reduces engine knock, or does it reduce overall torque to power ratio, gaining power? I don't get it.

also, would this cam plus a supercharger make my L36 engine less prone to exploding as everyone says? and would I need new injectors and fuel rails if I got this, and a supercharger and new valvesprings?

also, is a 160 tstat a bad idea having an L36 to reduce knock even more if I'm running boost on it?

also if I plan on supercharging should I get the supercharged or NA cam?
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Name : Larry
Age : 61
Location : Oakland Gardens, NY
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PostSubject: Re: Need advice on cams and heads   Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:25 pm

With any engine, head flow is everything. Good porting will enhance ANYTHING you do to the engine, now, and in the future. Greg Gessler is among the best head porters in the Northeast. He did the heads on my 70 GS455.!OpenDocument

I'm not sure how anyone could predict the amount of power you can make, but good porting will up the amount of HP the heads will support. Forced Induction is a great equalizer, and you do not need a big cam. I would go with a super charger cam if you plan on running the supercharger. The engine tune will be everything. You cannot run the same amount of boost with higher compression. Prevent it from detonating, and give it enough fuel, and it should be fine.

98 Riviera SC3800  All stock except gutted air box.
1970 Buick GS455 Stage1, TSP built 470BBB, 602HP/589TQ
Best MPH, 116.06 MPH, Best ET, 11.54
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Need advice on cams and heads
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