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 serious questions...In need of help...

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Name : Rsquared
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PostSubject: Re: serious questions...In need of help...   Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:02 am

bleh trans is definately slipping now...I will try a fluid and filter change but I doubt it will help

be nice if our 95 was done already.....
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PostSubject: Re: serious questions...In need of help...   Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:53 am

setsuna57 wrote:
deekster_caddy wrote:
I am thinking you need to get a complete engine harness and replace what's under the hood...

I want to get ahold of a good 97 harness to match the pcm and trans I looked at one on morads site but it didn't seem like it had enough conections I might be over thinking this all one of my first thoughts when I got this car last year was maybe a new harness would fix all of the issues but I also don't know what is tied into what on this current harness I do know fuel pump and radio are linked and some gauges are tied into the another.....I have a constant fear that if I take it apart it will never run again....

Hey im back from basic....ill try to answer your questions:

The 97 harness MAY fix all problems, or cause many more if you get something wrong. Which is a risk I didn't want to take.

The only thing possibly short related is then we fried an ignition line using a 98 pcm which 98 and 99s have comepletely different wring. We simply got a correct pcm (96 or 97 dependent on trans) and ran a direct line from ignition switch to pcm to bypass. I have never found another problem directly linked to this error....surprisingly.

As for tuning with low voltage, just clear the warning and continue. The water pump for the intercooler runs in key on mode when tunng so that causes the lower voltage. It will still load,read just fun
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serious questions...In need of help...
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