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 New owner of yet another black 95sc

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Name : Evan
Age : 25
Location : Granite Falls, WA
Joined : 2012-07-13
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PostSubject: Re: New owner of yet another black 95sc   Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:37 pm

I can't say how great it is to have the site and its endless resources. Because of all of you I ended up buying my first personal car, this beautiful black supercharged 95. For a car in Washington (actually anywhere) its in amazing shape. Paint is 99%, undercarriage is about the same, interior is dead mint. Owned by a reasonably wealthy little old lady who bought it to relive her days of her 68 riv. She obviously took great care of it and had a bit of work done here and there. I paid $1200 as it needed a tranny rebuild (was hoping it'd just be a classic Buick solenoid issue but turned out to be the sprag..) but after that little surgery at aamco along with an Ac recharge and full oils and fluids changes she's been the most sporty, luxurious, and pride-inspiring car I've driven. I grew up in an old skylark and then a century and learned to drive in an 03 lesabre so really there was no hope for me after being spoiled by buicks all that time. I had to have it happy

Only other things I'm gonna do immediately would be cosmetic. Chrome the exhaust tips and put in sequential turn signals. Oh and I do need to get a new ambient light sensor as mine is gettin a bit funky. Nothin I haven't changed in one of the other boats before. It's a sweet ride and I love all the questions, is that a jag? a rolls?? Ha! Just wanted to say, I'm lovin bein a riv owner!!!!
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Name : Riv95SC
Location : Nashville, TN
Joined : 2010-05-30
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PostSubject: New owner of yet another black 95sc   Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:50 pm

Welcome! Always happy to see another '95er here.

Ambient light sensor thing--mine may have the same problem. The headlights tend to kick on & off erratically unless I keep the autolamp turned off. My mechanic inclines to think it's something in the power control system. Haven't done much about it so far, though.

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New owner of yet another black 95sc
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