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 Dash wire colors. extra wires. 1996. stereo.

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PostSubject: Dash wire colors. extra wires. 1996. stereo.   Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:32 pm

Hi I was wondering if anyone had a wire diagram, or knows for sure what wires are what colors in the dash for a 96'. The wires that come and go from the steering wheel to the radio. and accessory wire. I'm wondering because I want to replace the radio but the accessory wire might not be working or something. I dont have a wire tester. I've hooked up many stereos and know the basics, checked fuse, also the new stereo works for sure,with good fuses.

After all the speaker wires Im left with, orange( which I thought was the ignition , two yellow( 1 yellow is always on 12v so it is memory), 4 black(ground), blue (remote I dont use), and few more that prob go to the steering wheel controls. anyways it should be easy. Ive done every combo. The wire color charts for the riviera on other web sites might be wrong. It would be nice to know for sure.

I really don't want to twist the red and yellow from the cdplayer. to the 12v yellow. with a hillbilly switch, so it dont drain the battey.

Thank you!
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Dash wire colors. extra wires. 1996. stereo.
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