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 Hi Everyone!

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Name : David Egan
Location : Minnesota USA
Joined : 2013-06-08
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PostSubject: Treat me gently, new and don' know much, but love to learn!   Hi Everyone! EmptySat Jun 08, 2013 3:16 am

Hi everyone! Been reading many posts since I found your site. Great info, many great posters, and "nice" to everyone. Refreshing.
I purchased a '95 SC w/moonroof with 120,000 mi. from a neighbor, who's mom owned it since new and went into a nursing home. Color is kind of a metallic light gold or tan, my wife calls it taupe...
I'm in my 50's now, had a series of bad health problems,pancreatic cancer (it's been 6 years since surgery/chemo/radiation- looks like I beat it!) Then heart failure with a clot in my heart. The clot broke, and ended up wit a stroke! All this heart business happened at the Mayo Clinic checking my shortness of breath. If it wouldn't have happened there, I wouldn't have made it. Now on permanent disability.
Anyway, I have always been interested in performance cars. I had purchased a '70 Dodge Charger RT w/six pack 20 years ago. Started fixing the brakes, and it began. I completely overhauled the 440, except for the boil and machining the heads and cylinder walls. New intake and linkage with the 3 carbs. Electrical/wiring, carpet,headliner, had the bumpers re-chromed, exhaust. Did the bodywork, and had it painted. Dodge Banana yellow with a black vinyl top. You could see it coming! Way to much money and time, but what a great experience. learning and meeting new people. Trailered it up to Brainard raceway here in Minnesota for their "musclecar shootout" a couple times to run the quarter. I recall once a 70 Buick with a ported 455 beat me...
After that, kind of lost interest in performance cars after I sold it after a job loss. Till now! Sure can't afford an expensive newer car, and a month ago bought the Riv after blowing the head gasket in my 2001 Durango. Can't do that kind of work now, my left side is bad, and needed a good running car for my wife. I will try and do as much work as I can on the Riv, I also have a nice neighbor to help when needed. I have a lot to learn, For emissions all my Charger had was an EGR valve on the valve cover!
Kind of interested in the intake for the SC. Been thinking of replacing the stock tubing w/silencers with aluminum tubing from TB to the stock cold air box.. Without some sort of flex tube between the TB and air box, will engine motion create a problem if everything is "solid'? Is there much engine movement? Also, I understand the '95 has a coating on the SC rotors. Nothing should contact the rotors, but compressing the intake air...has anyone looked at them, is there wear? Just curious...
Going to change the SC oil, I'm sure she never had it done, also the fuel filter and air filter with a K&N. Just bought one on e-bay for 52 bucks. Also 2 4 oz. bottles of SC oil for 22 bucks Going to get some MAF sensor aerosol cleaner and clean it too. Is the TB a pain to remove, or just take off the screen and wipe with TB cleaner as much as can?
Also have muffler leaks. Thinking about replacing them with those Walker Quiet-Flow 3 Muffler's with the "stock" tips. Looks like a direct replacement. Do those mufflers have the same internal baffles as stock? From what I have read, stock airflow from exhaust is sufficient for v-6 with 225 HP.
Sorry for the very long post.... great to be a member of your site!
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Name : Dave
Age : 56
Location : Cheektowaga , NY (Buffalo)
Joined : 2010-10-17
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PostSubject: Re: Hi Everyone!   Hi Everyone! EmptySat Jun 08, 2013 9:05 am

Welcome Dave! Nice to see another '95 aboard. Looks like you have a good maintenance plan for the car. Please post pictures soon so we can check it out.
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Name : Tenn Jeff
Location : Eastern Tenn.
Joined : 2013-03-05
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PostSubject: Hi Everyone!   Hi Everyone! EmptySat Jun 08, 2013 9:43 am

David, I'm new here too. Want to congratulate on beating the pancreatic cancer. You''re the second person that I've ever heard of to beat that bastard of an illness. You sir are a miracle. The other person that beat it was sent home with best wishes, "but there's nothing more we can do for you". She ended up beating it by a lot of treatments of some kinda crazy stuff called "reiki". Whatever works right?
On the subject of Riv's, I'm still new to them, and trying my best to learn about these S/C vehicles with a personal focus on longevity for the body and engine. The S/C is just a perk in my opinion! I'll be very interested to see what you end up with for an exhaust since you're not happy with yours on the car right now.

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PostSubject: Re: Hi Everyone!   Hi Everyone! Empty

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Hi Everyone!
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