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 All in all a good year (thus far)

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All in all a good year (thus far) Empty
PostSubject: All in all a good year (thus far)   All in all a good year (thus far) EmptySun May 11, 2014 9:03 am

So little update on the '88 Riviera:

Recently, my Riv, Pearl, has gone through a lot. At the end of January, I finished the engine rebuild. I had some issues with vacuum and idling for the longest time and the tapping EGR Valve while accelerating was driving me insane (no pun intended). So I took the valve covers off and the exhaust manifolds (to check for new cracks or leaks). I retorqued the heads, which apparently even after I already did it, they still needed, and reassembled. Engine magically started running better. The transmission is shifting smoother and picks up speed nicely, but it will still need rebuilt later this year. For some reason though my cruise control stopped working. The fuse is good, not sure where to go from there.

The engine break in went well and it now has had its final stage oil change with Mobil 1 5W-30 High Mileage Full Synthetic. Ever since the deer damage was fixed back in March, the hood and right fender look much better. I'm happy they were able to match the paint. They had to laser match it with a PPG professional. It is a Pearl White Metallic.

Yesterday was a new venture. The bracket on the passenger side trunk support broke way back when. So I attempted to fix it, successfully I might add, but I had to take a bunch of stuff apart to get to it. My wife thought is was funny me sitting in my trunk. I realized the hard way there is no way to remove the whole bracket assembly. Apparently, the rivet stud just broke off. Now there is a nice bolt in a hardened steel sleeve in its place. And my trunk got a much needed vacuuming. Now I don't have to prop my trunk lid with an extendable snow brush!!

I'm excited for next weekend. I get to meet my parts guy Marck Barker from East Coast Reatta Parts. He parts out, restores and sells Reattas mostly, and will be getting a hold of some 87-93 Rivs soon. He's coming to the Carlisle, PA car show, Import and Kit Cars. I'll be getting a replacement center console lid from him. The elbow rip is finally getting on my nerves. Sometimes his prices are a bit questionable, but when you're trying to find parts as hard to get a hold of as I have, it's worth it.

So to sound cliche and repeat the title, all in all, a good year thus far. I hope it only gets better. I love my Riv and I hope it lasts for years to come. Hope everyone else is having a good year as well and may the Rivs live on!
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All in all a good year (thus far)
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