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 Clickity Clack... Help diagnose this sound

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Clickity Clack... Help diagnose this sound - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Clickity Clack... Help diagnose this sound   Clickity Clack... Help diagnose this sound - Page 2 EmptyMon May 21, 2018 1:15 pm

llamalor2112 wrote:
I actually used to work for a dealership here in Washington and called my parts guy. He said that the only way to tell the design difference is by pulling the balancer and checking for a date code. They will however get me a discontinued oem part at cost+10 which is nice.

I think we are getting somewhere!

Looks like the thing to do is get the right bolts (per the old write up by Codith) and a replacement Woodruff key (there are common hardware from any full-line hardware store) and pull the balancer anyway. Then you can see if any of its rubber is torn. As for which balancer, as you know the one for the SC engine has 2 v-groove tracks for the serpentine belts, side by side, but the one for the NA engine has only one. I suspect the magic in these balancers is the chemical composition of the elastomer insert.

You'd be in good shape with the OE part, my guess is the Dayco may be better, The tone wheels are fastened better on the Daycos than the OEs, if the rockauto pictures are to be believed, although I'm not sure that makes that much difference.
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Clickity Clack... Help diagnose this sound
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