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 ecm location

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PostSubject: ecm location   ecm location EmptyThu Oct 16, 2008 6:12 pm

hi i have a 1990 riv. 3.8 and have a no start problem i read the forum and replaced the crank sensor btw 190000+ miles and the coil it looked burned by the yellow wire connection still no spark i did not have a alignment tool as recomended by the repair book no one has one so i gaped it at 0.30 like the instruction's said too, anyway i had the module tested it was bad,replaced it and the car started
i drove it around for 2 hrs and then let it run for another 3 i pulled the following code's 28,27,26,24, 42. i then shut it off and let it set for 1 hour then tried to restart and nothing no spark again i checked all fuses and grounds i cleaned all connections (grounds and power block) prior to replacing the module
does anyone know were the ecm is located? i pulled a box out from behind the glove box( there is another box just under it above the kick panel but i cannot get it out,)
# on it from delphi delco svc#01228786 went to delphi's web site no match is this the bcm? the "chip" that i need to keep and put in the new ecm (i can get one from a junkyard but i really want it from checker auto parts for $89.99 )is not the same there are two of them and won't come out
btw the sticker on the box says remanufactured so it has been changed before?
would a bad ecm cause the no start problem? any suggestion's would be helpful! thx
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ecm location
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