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 SlymJym350's Riv

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Name : SlymJym
Location : Anniston AL
Joined : 2009-07-15
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SlymJym350's Riv Empty
PostSubject: SlymJym350's Riv   SlymJym350's Riv EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 9:36 pm

So, I got off work this afternoon and started to go checkout my new toy.
My fancy interior.
SlymJym350's Riv 7ff56c59b9628159f5b9da8205b52e562g
SlymJym350's Riv 563e1d4b2cb848d7c374124fd8a04fea2g
SlymJym350's Riv 403e171fd70b3b1525a9b6a9e3f475992g

Where she will be sitting for awhile.
SlymJym350's Riv B5a5beada77fa6c18cd26b951d81de4e2g

Doesn't look like I saved her from a scrap yard here!
SlymJym350's Riv 3e134148f0384b4ce0941fe3cb49ffde2g

Oh yea, I also found this in a box in the trunk:
SlymJym350's Riv 9e12c7268cd27411af5fdabda4d237942g
Anybody know where these go?

SO, with all that said and done. I know this engine is BAD... After looking in the engine bay it looks like the motor can come right out the top. Thank goodness this engine cradle doesnt have to come out the bottom like the Fiero. Taking the ass end of a car 5ft in the air to get that iron block out is a bear!

If you checkout my first post I have a few mods laying around the shed.
I believe the cam is nearly identical to this: http://www.compcams.com/Cam_Specs/CamDetails.aspx?csid=1075&sb=2

Can I run this cam with stock springs, retainers and pushrods? dunno
Should I replace anything internal in the Bonneville engine? anything I need/should checkout internal before I just pop and swap? timing chain,dampener, water pump? or are they good for another 200k miles?dunno

I would like to make this a sporty yet comfortable daily driver. I'm not in a hurry to get this done. I currently have 7 cars in my yard. I need to get rid of a couple before I get too in depth with this new project.

I just put in my order at INTENSE for 180* stat, timing chain, auto lite 104's, new supercharger fluid.

I should be selling the minivan this next week. As soon as I get rid of it I will start taking out that other motor. I told myself I wasnt going to get into another project till I got rid of at least one of the many cars I have in the yard now. Ahem....

1979 Mercury Capri with a 302, 5speed.. Looks just like a foxbody mustang.
1993 Escort wagon, 5sp, brothers daily driver
1998 Ford ZX2, 5sp
1999 Ford ZX2, 5sp, My daily driver
1998 Izuzu Rodeo, 4wd towing beast.
2001 Dodge Caravan 255K miles... !! ICE COLD AC !!

and of course the 3 dead fiero's my brothers been toying with, and my new love... baby blue rivi.

My yard looks like a used car lot to say the least...

Thanks for all the warm welcomes!
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Name : Matthew
Age : 36
Location : Florida
Joined : 2007-01-17
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SlymJym350's Riv Empty
PostSubject: Re: SlymJym350's Riv   SlymJym350's Riv EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 9:59 pm

Welcome hi
a 3.1 pulley is a little small to start out with.
if it were me dropping in the "new" motor i would do the following;
1. new fuel filter (rear driver side, before the tire)
2. autolite 104 spark plugs
3. acdelco wires
4. 3.5 pulley
5.headers (needs to be welded in for a 96)
6. build a FWI out of pvc with cotton filter
7.front plog (like a front header, on the cheap)
8.replace all the pulleys and belts
9.pcv valve
10. 96's use a vac controlled tranny, so get the adjustable module

one thing to note, tuning these cars (especially 96's) can be a challenge unless you have DHP. better stick to safe mods unless you can tune and read KR.
i guess you will be keeping the 96 pcm since the 2002 bonney has a different transmission?

as for the internals, they should all be good to go if the motor was maintained. these are pretty beefy motors. with that said, now is a good time to build it up while it's out of the car wink

1996 with 254k miles, L32 4" FWI -> ported N* -> Ported Gen V w/3.0" Pulley, Stage 3 Phenolic I/C, ZZP FMHE, 1.84 RR, Headers and 3" pipe to mufflers, F-body brakes, and lowered on Eibachs. -RIP
AMG C400 White on black. Stage 2 w/E30 - 11.9@117 -daily
SlymJym350's Riv Dsc_0110
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Name : Bert
Location : North Alabama
Joined : 2008-02-03
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PostSubject: Re: SlymJym350's Riv   SlymJym350's Riv EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 10:44 pm

Thats a very clean looking car. clap I
ts hard to imagine how someone managed to blow that rod out of the engine. bonk

Dont forget to replace the fluid in the Supercharger.

If you have not done so already you should read all of the info in the "Write-Ups" and that will help you decide exactly what you want to do with the engine as far as modding it before you install it. Also all of the suggestions that have been made are also covered in the "Write-Ups"

Bert tavis
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Name : Ryan
Age : 38
Location : Columbia, Missouri
Joined : 2007-01-19
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SlymJym350's Riv Empty
PostSubject: Re: SlymJym350's Riv   SlymJym350's Riv EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 11:46 pm

Nice color (Light Adriatic Blue Metallic).

Good luck with your project! Definitely listen to what these guys are saying about your mods, too much can be a bad thing. I would change the timing chain and maybe 105# springs while you're at it. I would also get a tune done when you're done with everything. You want to be on the safe side of things.
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Name : Aaron
Age : 46
Location : C-bus, Ohio
Joined : 2007-01-13
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PostSubject: Re: SlymJym350's Riv   SlymJym350's Riv EmptyThu Jul 23, 2009 11:19 pm

'05 GTO 6.0L • 6-spd • 95k miles • 0-60: 4.8s • 16.9 avg MPG • Nelson Ledges Lap: 1:26

'95 Celica GT 2.2L • 5-spd • 165k miles • 0-60: yes

'98 SC Riviera • 281k miles • 298 HP/370 TQ • 0-60: 5.79s • ET: 13.97 @ 99.28 • 4087 lb • 20.1 avg MPG • Nelson Ledges Lap: 1:30
3.4" pulley • AL104 plugs • 180º t-stat • FWI w/K&N • 1.9:1 rockers • OR pushrods • LS6 valve springs • SLP headers • ZZP fuel rails
KYB GR2 struts • MaxAir shocks • Addco sway bars • UMI bushings • GM STB • Enkei 18" EV5s w/ Dunlop DZ101s • F-body calipers
EBC bluestuff/Hawk HP plus • SS lines • Brembo slotted discs • DHP tuned • Aeroforce • Hidden Hitch

^^^ SOLD ^^^ frown

'70 Ninety-Eight Holiday Coupe 455cid • 116k miles
^^^ SOLD ^^^ frown
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SlymJym350's Riv Empty
PostSubject: Re: SlymJym350's Riv   SlymJym350's Riv Empty

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SlymJym350's Riv
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