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 a/d/s 310-PX 10" Subwoofer

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a/d/s 310-PX 10" Subwoofer Empty
PostSubject: a/d/s 310-PX 10" Subwoofer   a/d/s 310-PX 10" Subwoofer EmptyTue Nov 20, 2012 1:19 pm

For you car audio junkies out there, these don't surface very often.

Claimed to be the best-sounding sub ever made by Analog Digital Systems, from the late '90s. $1500 retail price. You can buy one brand new for $995 on eBay:


a/d/s 310-PX 10" Subwoofer 310px1

a/d/s 310-PX 10" Subwoofer 310px3


This listing is for a Brand New 10" A/D/S 310-PX Sub Woofer still in original a/d/s box. This sub had never been used or installed before. These subs were very rare and most ended up in Japan. They retailed for $1,500 each! They are a simply amazing subwoofer. The underhung motor and modular design were ahead of their times. This is one of the lowest distortion subs you would ever find on the market. It's a dual 3 ohm configuration, it is simply an amazing sub woofer. These subs were originally made in Woburn Mass US.

310-PX Story

Your 310px component subwoofer is the finest subwoofer ever made from a/d/s/. Like other models in the px system, the 310px sets a new standard of musical performance and precise construction. The philosophy behind px is to build products which are not compromised in any way by price constraints or manufacturing simplicity. With all px series products, musical performance takes precedence over all other considerations. Each design choice made during the engineering process was made to provide optimum performance not attainable with conventional materials and construction. In the 310px, this philosophy results in a precisely machined frame of Aluminum, Brass, and Stainless Steel. This frame is hand assembled to precise tolerances, assuring perfect alignment of all of the moving parts. Additionally, the magnet and voice coil assembly are of an "underhung" design, which dramatically improves linearity and results in much lower harmonic distortion than with conventional woofers. The anodized aluminum cone and voice coil help dissipate heat from the motor structure, thereby improving power handling and reducing dynamic compression of the signal. These improvements add up to make the 310px the most musically accurate low frequency driver we have ever produced

Using the 310-PX

The 310px was carefully engineered for optimum use installed in a small sealed enclosure in a typical automotive environment. The parameters were chosen to yield a gentle low frequency rolloff, which combines with the typical vehicle transfer function to give extended low frequency performance with excellent transient response. The optimum recommendations are given in the specifications section of this manual. The 310px may also be used in single-tuned bandpass or vented enclosures if different results are desired, or if the application demands it. Using the 310px in a vented enclosure will typically give you higher SPL capability than in a sealed enclosure, but with the penalty of additional group delay and compromised transient response. Due to the effects of the vehicle's transfer function, a typical vented enclosure will give you a slight bass emphasis above the enclosures cutoff frequency, with a sharp rolloff below it. Most practical bandpass enclosures will also share this characteristic, with the added disadvantage of signal compression and wind noise through the port at high SPL. However, the vented option may be appropriate if you value SPL above audiophile sound quality. A bandpass enclosure can sometimes be the best choice if the bass must pass through a small panel, since you only need enough panel space to pass the port through.

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a/d/s 310-PX 10" Subwoofer
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