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 Engine noise

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Name : guy vance
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PostSubject: Engine noise   Engine noise EmptyTue Oct 26, 2010 10:04 pm

Have a 1995 riviera s/c that has a rattle on the passenger side of the motor.Seems to be the loudest at 2000 rpm and quiets down at lower rpms.I have changed serpentine belts,idler pulleys,tensioner.Also changed superchanger snout and coupler.Still have the rattle.Only thing havent changed is waterpump and harmonic balancer.Guess that will be next.Anybody ever have this problem.Also changed out rear transmission mount that was alot of fun.Spun motor over by hand to check harmonic balancer balancer seemed to move ok but who knows.Any replies appreciated.Thanks.
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Name : robotennis
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PostSubject: Re: Engine noise   Engine noise EmptyTue Oct 26, 2010 10:07 pm

a rattling on the passenger side is usually a HB. if its a clangy metallic sounding noise,its probably a HB. just remove the passenger side wheel liner and take a look. real easy to spot. look for the BIG CRACK in it
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Engine noise
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