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 Subframe Bushings

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Subframe Bushings Empty
PostSubject: Subframe Bushings   Subframe Bushings EmptyMon May 12, 2008 8:58 am

Last time my trans was out one of the subframe bolts tightened further than it should and I knew the bushings were history. Mileage ~210,000 miles and the bushings are 11-12 years old. It is a pain to get the part numbers for the bushings as they are relatively confusing in the dealership info. Position 1 is the front, then 2 is the next back and 3 being the furthest back.

Here's pics of the old ones
Subframe Bushings IMG_3060
Subframe Bushings IMG_3061
Subframe Bushings IMG_3062
Subframe Bushings IMG_3064

On position 1 and 3 top bushings there is a hard ring on one end. That ring faces down to sit on the subframe Here's a pic of the ring
Subframe Bushings IMG_3065

Squeezing the new one
Subframe Bushings IMG_3066
And the other end
Subframe Bushings IMG_3067

One of these parts had had given and collapsed. Luckily a junkyard wasn't far away. If I were to do it again, I'd get them as new.
Subframe Bushings IMG_3068
Subframe Bushings IMG_3069
Subframe Bushings IMG_3070

Some general pics
Subframe Bushings IMG_3071
Subframe Bushings IMG_3072

Tough to tell on this pic, the holes in the subframe aren't perfect circles. They have two flat sides to them. This way the bushings fit in and can't turn.
Subframe Bushings IMG_3073

The top piece fits inside the bottom bushing. I found some caliper lube to help fit them back together.
Subframe Bushings IMG_3074

This one had seen better days
Subframe Bushings IMG_3075
Subframe Bushings IMG_3076

Subframe Bushings IMG_3077

Gee Enrique...these would be super easy if the motor and trans were out. poke
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Subframe Bushings Empty
PostSubject: Re: Subframe Bushings   Subframe Bushings EmptyMon May 12, 2008 9:02 am

As far as I can tell they were replaced when I had the Gimps transmission rebuilt. They look new.
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Subframe Bushings
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