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 self car wash.. engine cleaning..

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Name : Ty
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self car wash.. engine cleaning.. Empty
PostSubject: self car wash.. engine cleaning..   self car wash.. engine cleaning.. EmptyTue Sep 15, 2009 12:58 am

i recently went to a self car wash down the street from my house..i was wanting to give my engine a little wash ever since i got the car but never had access to a power washer..when i got into the "docking station" i noticed they had a setting for engine/tire cleaning fluid..i sprayed the 3800 down with the fluid first then proceeded to power wash it..now im beginning to think it was a dumb idea because afterwards my car feels like david beckham with a broken foot..it does sputter or anything..it just doesnt have the same KICK it did before the washing..almost like a weak spark..i say this because it feels like it did before i replaced the wires and plugs sum 2 months ago.. my Q is: what could i have damaged by doing this..can anybody shed some light on the situation
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Name : robotennis
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self car wash.. engine cleaning.. Empty
PostSubject: Re: self car wash.. engine cleaning..   self car wash.. engine cleaning.. EmptyTue Sep 15, 2009 3:30 am

disconect the battery.remove the coil packs. and spray wd40 around the bracket that they sit on,i forgot the name of it. spray all the grounds and any electrical connections in the bay that might have had water forced in them. do not spray into alternator. remove wires one at a time and blow them out with compressed air. add dialectric grease to the boot ends. not too much. make sure everything is dry from the water. then you should be good...we hope...................ps..anybody going to wash their car this way must do it on a cold engine. dont crack your headers...just a reminder
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self car wash.. engine cleaning..
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