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 Tai lights & brake lights not working

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PostSubject: Re: Tai lights & brake lights not working   Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:19 am

AH-ha! You're welcome, and that busted-in-the-terminal-crimp thing happens even with good cooper alloy wire. They get nicked and/or harden when crimped and snap over time. Vexing problem. Your fix is fine, I've done that *or* flowed in solder and have not had to talk to the connection again.

You say the brown wire was warm, I dunno, if it did not burn you there may not be a problem. Have to look at the wiring diagram to see what load is on it and then decide.

When I rewire an headlight or horn circuit for instance, I usually use 14 Ga. instead of the 16-18 usually in there. If the run is more than a few feet there is a small but measurable difference in power transmitted. Point is that what power is not transmitted ends up as enough heat that you can feel it in the wires that are working near rated levels. You'd be able to feel heat in the wire from about 30 deg C (86F) and up. Auto wiring is usually rated for substantially more heat.

THIS LINK has a chart showing what gauge wire to use for runs of how long and if you look up the SAE specs they refer to, you'll see what the related performance criteria are.

This reminds me, I have to call my local dealer about a parts order.

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Tai lights & brake lights not working
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