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 electric fans

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Name : daryl
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PostSubject: electric fans   electric fans EmptyTue Mar 25, 2014 5:10 pm

So its about 40 degrees, raining, stop and go traffic. My ebgine temp goes up to about 208, and i dont like it so i put ly heat up on full blast....it still climbs. Temp goes down obviously when i start driving again. Got home, turn the heat on full blast and opened the hood... no fans were on... so i turned on the ac.... fans still didnt.kick on. Keep in mind its 40 degrees.

1. Do the fans come on when i turn on the heat, though that sounds ass backwards?
2. Im assuming when i turned on the a, the fans didnt kick on because its cold outside
3. How do i check it? Let it get to 212 amd see if they come on at low speed? Or am i just beong a worry wart?
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Name : Derek
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PostSubject: Re: electric fans   electric fans EmptyWed Mar 26, 2014 12:58 pm

default fan settings are very high. A/C fans are based on pressure I believe, and there won't be much pressure in the A/C system at 40. Are you sure the compressor is even engaging? I think the OE cutoff might be 40 or 42.

You need to let it run hotter than 208 to see the fans come on. How are you monitoring temp? 208 is an awfully exact number for that little needle...

I don't recall the exact number but I think you need to see 220 before the fans run, and no there is nothing wrong with that.
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electric fans
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