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 Trunk lid pulldown latch

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Trunk lid pulldown latch Empty
PostSubject: Trunk lid pulldown latch   Trunk lid pulldown latch EmptyFri Nov 16, 2007 2:53 pm

My 89 Riviera is equipped with an automatic trunk lid pulldown mechanism. It has been working fine. Yesterday, while the trunk was opened, the pulldown latch cycled to the full up position. Don't know why it cycled. The lid engages in the latch, but the motor fails to activate and retrieve the lid to the full down and locked position. Is something out of its proper positioning to get the motor to cycle to full down? The fuse is fine. The remote fob releases the lid latch. It's the retriever motor that seems to be the problem or has the problem recognizing its time to activate. The manual I have only shows how to remove the motor. Nothing on how to repair or adjust.
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Trunk lid pulldown latch Empty
PostSubject: Re: Trunk lid pulldown latch   Trunk lid pulldown latch EmptyFri Nov 16, 2007 4:14 pm

You might check where the pull-down motor mounts. I had a similar problem on my '92 and ended up using a zip-tie to hold it in place, it has been fine ever since.
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Trunk lid pulldown latch
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