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 Care & Maintenance FAQ Listing

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Care & Maintenance FAQ Listing Empty
PostSubject: Care & Maintenance FAQ Listing   Care & Maintenance FAQ Listing EmptyWed Dec 05, 2007 11:36 am

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New Buyer Questions?

High Mileage Owners' Repair Reports

Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) & Recall Listing

Good Battery Replacements

Random stalling, causes and symptoms.

Hesitation, Stumbling, Stutter & Shudder Under Acceleration/Load

Starter & Solenoid Information

Fuel Pump Questions & Troubleshooting

Chirps, Belt Squeals, and Tensioner Squeaks

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Issues?

P0171 DTC - Lean Condition

Where do I mount the jack for lifting the car?

Looking for a good mechanic in your area?

What type of engine oil, and how long between changes?

Cylinder Locations & Firing Order

Repair/Service/Shop Manual Information

Repair and Maintenance Histories of High Mile Rivieras.

Cruise Control Problems

Fuel Economy Improvements

Preventative Maintenance Strategies for extended mileage goals.

Fragged Tensioner/Idler Pulley Reports & Questions

Power Steering Noise & Concerns

Supercharger Noises?

Supercharger Oil Questions

Best Replacement Coupler for Supercharger?

Does my O2 Sensor Need Replaced? What types work best?

Crankshaft Position Sensor questions

Camshaft Position Sensor info (DTC P0341)

About the Boost Bypass Valve (Boost Control Solenoid)

What is ideal operating (coolant) temperature?

Replacement Bulb Part Numbers

Engine/Motor Mount Questions
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Care & Maintenance FAQ Listing
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