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 Reatta engine speed dipping?

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Reatta engine speed dipping? Empty
PostSubject: Reatta engine speed dipping?   Reatta engine speed dipping? EmptyFri Feb 21, 2014 6:24 pm

This is our 88 reatta. While coasting, regardless of flat or up/downhill, off the gas the engine speed will randomly dip here and there, effectively pulling hard on the cars speed while it happens. Look for this in the video at about :06 and :22 seconds.

Any ideas what might cause this? Car also wants to stumble when engine temp is below 150 or so and at high speed throttle feels like it often wants to keep open? Like it's maintaining a very light fuel feed without pedal engaged. Not as severe as it sounds. I've gotta figure these are all related and I'm suspecting maf?
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Reatta engine speed dipping?
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