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 dash clips

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PostSubject: dash clips   dash clips EmptyTue Feb 11, 2020 1:46 pm

Does anyone have GM part # for these clips they hold the upper trim panel in
place I bought them years ago cant find part # thanksdash clips Img_2911
dash clips Img_e211
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PostSubject: Re: dash clips   dash clips EmptyTue Feb 11, 2020 3:27 pm

Your measurements shoudl line up with one or more of the GM push retainers on this page

then with the auveco number you may be able to order from Dixieland, Zoro, or other source. Put the Auveco number into the Dixieland search box, it should be there to purchase:

HOWEVER, watch out for the $45.00 minimum. You may need to find a retailer.

Alternatively, do a web search using that part number. Might be Auveco 17162 or 19297 or other -- you'll need to look at the description and match up the head diameter, and depth, and what size hole it's supposed to go into. The descriptions will tell you what panel range (how deep a hole) is OK for the fastener and so on.

Also, don't be surprised if these are available from the GM dealer even though they are 'discontinued' for the Riviera.
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dash clips
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