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 Making custom gauge back-facing

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Name : Andrew
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PostSubject: Making custom gauge back-facing   Making custom gauge back-facing EmptyWed Sep 07, 2011 2:42 pm

Was searching randomly for some things. Found this:

Thought I'd pass it on. I might try it someday.

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Name : Aaron
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PostSubject: Re: Making custom gauge back-facing   Making custom gauge back-facing EmptyWed Sep 07, 2011 3:12 pm

I tried this method years ago (for a center console-mounted A/F calibrator). The graphics turned out well, and I was working on the back lighting when I bought the DHP tuner and abandoned the AFC project. Tip: Instead of using laser copier prints on transparencies, you can have professional art films made from a print house. This costs about $20 for a sheet, but I used to have access to one of these devices at work. The art films are 100% opaque and don't need to backed with the mask like it shows at the link. Also it said you need to print out a few copies on the laser copier, to account for mistakes. The art films cost more, but they are always perfect, so you only need to do them once if you're careful. Also, finger prints will wipe off art film, unlike the laser copies. For color areas, I used color filters, which are thin pieces of plastic sheet. For a frosted look you can back the gauge with a scuffed piece of thin acrylic using fine sand paper.

The toughest part is hitting the registration and designing gauges that look better than factory. Using Illustrator is the best way if you have access to the software. If anyone needs this kind of work done, I have access to the tools and can help you out.

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Making custom gauge back-facing
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