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 Series II (Supercharged) Write-Ups Index

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Series II (Supercharged) Write-Ups Index Empty
PostSubject: Series II (Supercharged) Write-Ups Index   Series II (Supercharged) Write-Ups Index EmptySun Apr 15, 2007 10:12 am

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Replacing Supercharger Belt Tensioner

Replacing Accessory Belt Tensioner

Replacing Air Conditioner Compressor

Transmission Fluid and Filter Change

Hockey Puck & Filling Front/Side Motor Mounts

Filling/Replacing Rear Transmission Mount

Porting & Polishing M90 Blower

Installing M90 Blower

North Star Throttle Body Install

Spectre Intake for Northstar TB

Lower Intake Manifold (LIM) Gaskets

Building a Flexible Tube Fenderwell Intake

SC Snout Seal Replacement

SC Coupler Replacement

Radiator Replacement

Thermostat Installation

Replacing Water Pump

Installing Meziere Electric Water Pump

Fuel Pump/Sending Unit Replacement

Fuel Pump Re-Wire Mod

Installing SS Fuel Lines

3800 SC Engine Removal/Installation

Transaxle Removal/Installation

4T65e-HD Transmission Rebuild

4T80e Transmission Installation

XP Cam & Valvetrain Install

Installing Transmission Cooler

Replacing Alternator

Removing Crank Pulley/Harmonic Balancer

Installing FWI Filter, Heat Shield, Air Scoop

Fuel/Oil Pressure Sending & Gauges

Modified Air Box CAI

Replacing Belts and Pulleys

Gutting the Air Box

Glasspack Mufflers

Changing Supercharger Oil

L32(Series III) Engine Install/Swap

Removing/Installing SC Pulley

Custom CAI

Installing SLP Exhaust Headers

Building a Custom 4" PVC Fenderwell Intake

Installing Rocker Arms, Valve Springs, and Push Rods
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Series II (Supercharged) Write-Ups Index
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